For decades, countless people in California have invested money in kitchen remodeling companies in Costa Mesa for various reasons. Some homeowners do this to ultimately renovate their kitchen and achieve their dream kitchen styles. Meanwhile, some people partner with kitchen remodeling companies in La Verne to improve different components of the room. This allows them to add more storage options or prolong the lifespan of equipment or structural parts of the kitchen. 

One thing many residents want to have in their kitchens when they are looking to redesign is a backsplash. This product is usually installed in walls near the sink and food preparation area to protect the walls from unintentional splashing. This can significantly prolong the walls’ lifespan and prevent the occupants from spending unnecessary repairs and renovations due to deterioration.

Similar to many other things in the world, there are also different types, sizes, and styles of backsplashes available in the market. Those can provide various kinds of experiences and look to the kitchen, so picking the right one for you can be tedious. Some designs might not cater to an individual’s preferences or might not fit well with the kitchen’s theme. So, to help you decide what backsplash you should get, you can consider some trendy choices for 2022.

People looking to keep it classy can go for a vertically tiled backsplash. Instead of the usual horizontal pattern, the backsplash is installed vertically, allowing the tiles to make the background more natural. This is also an ideal backsplash style for those who have limited space available in their kitchens. 

It is also projected that backsplashes made of geometric patterns will be a popular choice this year. This type of backsplash can be installed to create an exquisite image when visitors see it. This can make the kitchen a welcome sight for anyone using it. 


To learn more about the backsplash trends in 2022, check this infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care. 

Backsplash Trends of 2022

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