Common Breeding Places for Mosquitoes


Every year during summer, you are reminded of mosquitoes who just do not let you step out of the house and keep you as a prisoner inside the four walls of your home. While you believe “it is just a mosquito bite” when a mosquito bites you, it can welcome various deadly diseases. 

Understanding common places for mosquitoes can help you take precautionary steps to protect your and your family’s health. However, if you are a victim of severe mosquito infestation, it is high time to contact Leon Valley pest control to protect your home and family from deadly mosquitoes.

Some of the common breeding places of mosquitoes in your surroundings.

  • Standing water

Stagnant water is the best breeding place, but most people are unaware of how little water they need to breed. They do not require a whole bucket of water or full pond to reproduce; they can lay eggs even in a bottle cap of water. While it is difficult to remove every source of standing water, it is important to know some common breeding places.

  • Animal bowls or birdbaths

The scorching heat of the sun with rising summer temperatures make your pet feel hot, and they need a bowl of water to cool themselves. One should keep in mind not to keep pet bowls outside for extended periods. The undisturbed freshwater will become a breeding spot for mosquitoes. The same goes for birdbaths which provide a source of standing shallow water for breeding.

  • Clogged gutters

Most homeowners make a common mistake of not keeping their gutter or drains clean during summertime. Leaves and twigs block the water passage and make it stationary, a familiar yet unaware breeding spot.

  • Plant saucers

Mosquitoes can breed in just ½ inch of water. It is not much water but can still become a considerable breeding site for your backyard. An easy way to fix the issue is by drilling holes in the saucer’s bottom. In this way, the excess water will drain out.

  • Garbage cans or recycling bins

Most outdoor garbage bins have lids on them, but many do not. When left outside, the garbage bins become the catch basin for rainwater. Consider keeping garbage bins under overhangs if the lid is not present and empty them after a rainstorm.

  • Big and small swimming pools

Pools are great and enjoyable outdoor accessories during the rising temperature of summer. On the other hand, these pools can become breeding spots for mosquitoes if water is not emptied properly.

In the struggle against mosquitoes, everyone has to do their part. By reducing the breeding sites from our surroundings, we protect ourselves, neighbors, and our community.

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