Common HDB Interior Design Themes in Singapore

One major drawback of HDB housing in Singapore is space constraints. Hence, you must be very intentional when designing your HDB home. You spend a lot of time at home, so you must make it presentable, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. Choosing home design themes for your HDB homes helps you design your space to fit your interests and personality.

Fortunately, there are many house interior design themes suitable for HDB homes. Whether you want something cosy, comfortable, trendy, or unique, there’s a design idea for you. Are you looking to design or redesign your HDB home? This article presents you with common types of HDB home decor themes in Singapore you can pick from:

1. Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior design has remained among the most popular concepts for decades. Minimalism is anchored on the idea that ‘less is more,’ so this theme builds upon this. Minimalist interior design features a clutter-free space, making it ideal for HDB. Since the house is small, decluttering helps prevent a messy and chaotic space.

Minimalism also centres around functionality, an effective tool for managing an HDB home. Every item in a minimalistic design must perform a function or two.

Other features of a minimalistic design are clean lines, a limited colour palette, limited decors, and a monochromatic or neutral colour palette. Overall, the idea behind this home interior theme is to create a simple, calm, and clean space, which is an excellent fit for an HDB home.

2. Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian interior design originated from the Nordic countries and has since been embraced by the rest of the world. The backbone of Scandinavian design is simplicity and cosiness, making it one of the best HDB decor themes. So, this theme is your go-to if you want to create a simple yet cosy HDB space.

Natural materials like wood and textiles, including sheepskin and mohair, are heavily used in a Scandinavian design-themed home. These natural elements create warmth and cosy space. Expect to see oak furniture, basket chairs, mohair throws, and sheepskin rugs.

Light also plays a strong role in Scandinavian design. It features natural light, neutral colours, and white or light walls, giving your HDB home a clean yet sleek look. Scandinavian interiors’ soft and warm atmosphere helps you feel cosy, comfortable, and relaxed.

3. Industrial Interior Design

If you want HDB design theme ideas that feature industrialisation’s raw and rough feel, you can do so with industrial interior design. This design theme is inspired by the 19th and 20th centuries Industrial Revolution, where industrial buildings were built with raw bricks, exposed pipes, and metals.

Industrial design features visible structural elements like brick walls and open ductwork. It gives that rough, raw, and natural feel, so your HDB industrial design will typically have rough wood or concrete floors, leather chairs, and wooden pieces of furniture. It’s ideal for living room interior design Singapore.

It also stresses a darker palette, so it embraces neutral colours of a darker tone, like black and grey, structural elements like steel and dark metals, dark decorations, and dark-toned woods. In general, it gives an industrial feel. But this interior theme also supports minimalism, so no excess decoration or items exist.

4. Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is one of the common HDB interior design themes that is ever-evolving. It is anchored on trends, featuring designs and fashion trends of the current times. With the contemporary design style, your interior keeps changing as trends come and go, embracing new trends and discarding outdated elements.

The contemporary design is your ideal pick if you want something fun and playful. This theme focuses on simplicity, enabling it to adapt quickly to new trends. It plays with trendy elements to create a cosy and stylish interior for your HDB home. So, if you are big on trends and would love your home to reflect contemporary ideas, choose this HDB interior theme for a trendy feel in your Singaporean home.

5. Eclectic Interior Design

The eclectic interior is one of the most unique house interior design themes. It originated in the late 19th and early 20th century when architects created designs that didn’t adhere to any style pattern. Instead, they let their creative minds run free. In the same manner, the eclectic design is a blend of patterns. It features mixed patterns, high and low-end pieces, old and new designs from different periods, graphic works, and unexpected decors and designs.

The eclectic design will give your HDB home interior a distinctive look filled with surprise elements. So you can expect a rich blend of old and modern house themes in one room. Think of vintage chairs, tyre tables, contemporary vases, vibrant colours, and wild decor designs. This theme uses contrast to create a harmonious blend of design to give your HDB interior in Singapore a bold and classic look.

6. Bohemian Interior Design

Like the eclectic design, the Bohemian interior theme is one of the common HDB interior design themes that goes against the rules. However, while eclectic design creates harmony in diversity, the Bohemian design thrives on creative extraordinaire. Here, anything goes.

It is inspired by French artists in the 19th Century who rejected the bourgeois lifestyle and moved to new cities to explore their creativity. Hence, this theme is hinged on creativity and adventure. It’s not traditional but embraces a broad spectrum of ideas and concepts, from minimalist to maximalist.

You can incorporate this theme for a creative HBD interior theme. It brings HDB interior theme ideas that mix patterns, textures, themes, colours, and fabrics to create something unconventional. This creativity also presents itself in the arrangement of furniture and other items. You can expect to see Bohemian prints, different layers of textiles and colours, and colourful leafy plants.


HDB design themes bring life to your HDB home. Whether you want to create a cosy, natural, or trendy space, making a suitable choice among these common HDB interior design themes will help you achieve that. Some different HDB themes are minimalist, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Industrial, and eclectic interior design.

Consider your space size, preference, and needs before picking from the HDB interior house themes. Explore these seven interior design themes and styles to find the most suitable one. If you need help to create your HDB interior design, contact the best interior designers in Singapore for support.

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