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Do you live in a condo in Singapore? Are you looking for a condo interior design denver, co to help you renovate your home? You’ve come to the right place! The process of remodelling a condominium differs from renovating an HDB apartment. There are a few criteria to follow, which can be overwhelming. Besides providing quality work, we at Beautiful Homes know and follow the rules and regulations. Let us help you make your condo a better place to live!

Why Should You Hire A Condo Interior Design Firm?

One of the most compelling benefits of condominiums is urban living. Condominiums are built in major cities, where most workplaces are. As a result, we benefit from being close to work, shopping, and other facilities.When living in a condo is convenient, having a suitable condo interior design in Singapore should be strictly adhered to. Here are some innovative and practical design ideas tailored for condo interior design in Singapore, completed by Renozone. 

We at Beautiful Homes are always willing to assist condo owners in transforming their property into a home they would enjoy returning to after a long day in the city. Beautiful Homes is the ideal partner to manage your condo interior design in Singapore. Choosing us will provide you with a complete solution from beginning to end.

What You Should Know Before Getting A Condo Interior Design?

Condominiums, unlike HDBs, often include private common facilities or services (such as full-time security, exercise stations, or sauna) in a more extensive range of residential offers. Some condominiums include studios, penthouses, townhouses, and SOHOs in addition to traditional apartment-style units. Essential appliances, such as a kitchen stove/oven, built-in dryers/washing machines, and bathroom fixtures are usually included in condominiums.

Similarly, renovating your condominium interior design differs from renovating an HDB flat. Before you embark on your own condominium renovation, keep the following points in mind:

1: There are different renovation guidelines for other condos: Each condominium has its own set of laws and working areas for renovations, depending on the developer. Before doing any maintenance, consult with your condo’s management office.

2: If you need renovation permits or permissions, go to the BCA. Even private properties need approval and an appropriate license from the Building and Construction Authority, especially if they’re undertaking extensive structural alterations like adding a loft.

3: Why is renovating new condominiums less expensive than old ones? Remember that most condos come with basic kitchen and bathroom equipment, as well as flooring in some instances. This reduces the work you’ll have to do, resulting in decreased renovation prices.

4: However, renovating a resale apartment is more expensive: Even though resale units are more expensive, condos require more significant labour to cover wires for a sleek appearance, unlike HDBs, which allow visible cables or pipes.

Tips To Make Your Small Condo Interior Design Look Bigger

It’s a delicate balancing act to renovate your condominium. On the one hand, you have a limited area to work with, comparable to an HDB flat, but you have more freedom to customise your home than landed homes. Finding the space to fit all of your essentials into your small condo while maintaining that magazine-worthy décor can sometimes be impossible.

1: A light colour palette is frequently recommended when dealing with a small room because the brightness and lightness make the area appear more prominent So, to balance out the bright décor and deep, rich hues throughout the condo, installing built-in and hidden storage spaces help gives the impression of little furniture.

When furnishing a small space, the main challenge is to make it appear larger than it is. Lifting furniture off the ground is a smart way to achieve this effect. Mounting decors on the walls and constructing a storage cabinet that is elevated to resemble a part of the entryway. The condo feels spacious now that both the decor and the functional furniture have been elevated. Of course, there are many other condo interior design ideas that you may consider before starting your project.

3: Using mirrors helps make your room look bigger! Mirrors, when used correctly, can give the impression of more space. It is suggested that you place mirrors opposite a window to bounce off light and create the illusion of openness.

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