Perhaps, you are interested to add a comfortable outdoor space to spend quality time with your family. It can also be a space to hold parties, to practice yoga or just to relax.  Patio or deck can help expand the existing living space. But to derive the benefits, you need to choose the best Patio decking Colchester domain experts.

Patios vs. Decks

Which one to choose? To make the right choice, you need to know the difference between a patio and a deck.

  • Patio is considered to be paved areas built on the ground level. They are quite versatile with regards to materials used and design and can be freestanding or part of the house. Gravel or concrete can be used for its construction with some landscaping. They also can be used for sloped yards. When compared to decks, they are more durable and also affordable. You can benefit immensely by hiring the best Patio decking Colchester company.
  • Deck: It is created from wood and is to be pressure-treated or sealed. Otherwise, wood gets damaged with time with constant exposure to changing weather elements. They are part of the house and require guardrails if built above ground. They also work fabulously on uneven or sloped areas. Since wood dries quickly, they are excellent for hot tubs. It is possible to use the deck as a ground level similar to a patio or a balcony.


When trying to select between patio and deck, do take into consideration the type of maintenance required. You can get more ideas from the Patio decking Colchester specialists.

  • With patios, you do not have to worry about maintenance since much hardier materials are used. Patios constructed of stone do not require any sealing. However, frequent stone or brick replacement might be essential of those that are cracked. For concrete patio, regular cleaning will be essential to prevent mildew.
  • It is necessary to clean decks at least twice a year, especially during late spring and late fall season. Avoid power washing decks constructed from plastic material like PVC or composite. Inspect them for potential damages like split wood, rot, cracking paint or loose nails annually. Repaint painted decks every year. Reseal the wooden deck every few years as it ensures longevity.

You can expect the patio enclosure builders wilkes-barre pa to design, plan and construct your patio or deck. They will also streamline the entire process.

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