How you can prevent your drain from clogging by hairs?



The hairs are the biggest reason behind the logging of your shower drain. No matter how many precautions you take, but hair can easily clump together and block up the drains easily. In this post, you can find out the ways by which you fight against the clogging drains.

The ideal method of avoiding the problem is taking precautionary steps. The expert plumbing services know how to work with the best methods so that you can prevent clogging the drains by hairs. There are some ideal steps to do so.

  • Installation of drain covers

You can buy a drain screen from a store and place it in the bathroom drainage point. In the market, you can also find underneath drain screens, which are specially designed for trapping hairs.

  • Taking out the hairs from showers and sinks

By brushing the hair, you can remove the excess hair off and thus, avoid the loose hairs to fall off. If you take out the hairs on regular basis, it is easy to prevent clogging.

  • Frequent flushing of water

This happens when all people work together and accomplish the task. First of all, you should close the shower drains, sink drains, and bathtub so that hairs shouldn’t reach the sink.

The mentioned preventing methods help you in pulling out the hairs from clogged drains. Whether you remain attentive or not, you somehow become a victim. Fortunately, the actions mentioned above help remove the hairs and unclog the drains.

Preventive steps to prevent your drain from clogging

Here, we are discussing some important steps by which you can prevent the clogging of drains.

  • Use plungers

Plungers are a great tool for clogging toilets and dig out hairs and some other debris.

  • Natural solutions

If you are thinking that harsh chemicals can unclog your drains, you are wrong because they can easily harm them. In spite, you can opt for natural ways for unclogging the process.

  • Using the hands

It is essential to eliminate the clogged debris and hair by removing them using your hands.

Apart from this, it is better to call professionals for removing the hairs from drains. Abacus Plumbing Now Serving Austin Texas serves your purpose and gives the solution immediately.

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