Looking At The Best Floor Skirting Types


Floor skirting efficiently fills the gaps between the wall and the flooring. It prevents the water from seeping into it and covers the tiny gaps for a seamless flooring surface as well. Since it is made of vinyl products, floor skirting comes in various designs, colors, and materials. You can choose from the following styles and materials that suit your preferences.

  • Wooden Floor Skirting

This type of floor skirting is best suitable for granite, marble, and tiled floors. Comes in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs; wooden floor skirting can give a rich and sophisticated look to your interior.

  • Pencil Floor Skirting

Pencil floor skirting is best for both patterned and plain walls. It gives your interior a finished look, efficiently hiding the expansion gap. The upper edges in this type are usually round in shape.

  • Plaster Floor Skirting

This, without any doubt, is the most modern, attractive, and chic type of floor skirting. To make it even more beautiful, you can add decorations nearby.

  • Continued Floor Skirting

This type continues to all the structures near walls, such as staircases. It balances your interior with its elegant finishing.

  • Metal Floor Skirting

Would you like to give your home a bold, modern, and luxurious appearance? Metal floor skirting is the way you should go for. This type of skirting looks best when paired with steel-finished hardware and small metallic silver items. However, it is challenging to install and susceptible to scratches.

  • Colored Floor Skirting

As the name implies, this type of skirting consists of multi-colored skirting boards, producing a colorful and playful vibe to the interior. Colored floor skirting goes well when matched with interior decorations of the same color.

  • Movable Floor skirting

Are you living in a small apartment? Then why not consider movable floor skirting? This is the most innovative type of floor skirting that just looks like normal built-in cabinets, but there is actually a storage unit behind when you pull it out for access.

  • Contrasting Color Floor Skirting

This floor skirting type can be used to differentiate the colors of the floors and the walls. Always prefer to use darker-colored skirting boards.

  • Flush Floor Skirting

Flush floor skirting helps you arrange your furniture to fit the wall. It is on the same level as plastering and flushing each other. It gives a spacious look to your room and doesn’t harbor dirt and dust.

  • Bullnose Floor Skirting

This is the most elegant and modern floor skirting type. It is available in standard heights and can match any interior. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance and cleaning than other flooring types.

  • Medium-Density Fiberboard Floor Skirting

If you want to give your interior a classic look, medium-density fiberboard skirting is what you should consider. Made from compressed fiber, this material is incredibly durable and affordable.

  • Double-Layered Floor Skirting

This is a two-tone skirting type that gives impressive accent details. You can install this unique and innovative skirting on the same level or not.

Floor skirting is the most important part of any home. It protects the interior walls from wear and tear, covers uneven edges, protects against abrasion, and much more! You can choose any of the above floor skirting types for your home that fits your interior best!

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