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There are many benefits to buying a home in Northstar, but you should give it serious thought to ensure your purchase has more than economic value. From researching neighborhoods to preparing finances, house-hunting in this area necessitates strategic planning and discretion. As you find the perfect Northstar residence, educate yourself on smart negotiating practices, local market trends, available amenities, and suitable price ranges. Follow these dos and don’ts from Northstar real estate agent Samantha Swigard to ensure your home search sets you up for long-term happiness in your new community.

Homes for sale in Northstar: Know the market

Homes for sale in Northstar

If you’re looking to buy a home in Northstar, CA, it’s important to understand the real estate market conditions before making an offer. Northstar is a highly desirable area in the Lake Tahoe region. Do your research to determine fair asking prices for the neighborhood and amenities you want. Understand the market to help you make reasonable offers and negotiate effectively with sellers.

Conduct thorough inspections

Pay attention to inspections when buying a Northstar home. Hire qualified professionals to inspect the property’s roof, foundation, plumbing, electrical systems, and potential environmental issues before closing. Winters in the Lake Tahoe area can be harsh, so inspections help uncover any damage or deficiencies caused by heavy snow loads or freeze/thaw cycles. Identify problems early to allow you to negotiate repairs or closing credits if issues are found.

Ask about HOA rules

Most homes in Northstar are part of a homeowners association (HOA). Remember to ask about CC&Rs and rules enforced by the HOA before buying. Things like exterior maintenance requirements, landscaping guidelines, rental policies, home business allowances, and pet restrictions may factor into your buying decision or future plans for the property. Get HOA rules in writing so there are no surprises later.

Consider a ski lease

A unique option offered in some Northstar neighborhoods is putting your home on a “ski lease” program. This allows qualified management companies to rent your home to vacationers when you aren’t using it. Do crunch the numbers to see if a ski lease arrangement makes financial sense for supplementing your owning costs. But also consider the wear-and-tear more frequent occupancies can have.

Prepare for snow removal

Don’t underestimate the effort and costs associated with snow removal and roof maintenance in Northstar. Winter weather brings huge snowfalls to the region that require vigilance to avoid damage due to accumulating snow. Depending on your neighborhood, you might need to hire snow removal services yourself all year round. Be prepared for this extra owning expense in your buying budget.

Buying a home in Northstar: Watch for Deed restrictions

Be aware that some Northstar neighborhoods have specific deed restrictions buyers must comply with. For example, Martis Camp requires owners to be members of the private club and meet other conditions related to preserving the community aesthetic and standards. Other areas may have minimum square footage requirements for homes or prohibit certain types of construction. Don’t assume a property meets all deed conditions without verifying first.

Things to do in Northstar

Northstar is a northern California mountain resort town perfect for outdoor adventures. Hit the slopes at the Northstar California Resort, home to over 100 ski trails spread across 3,000 skiable acres. For more family fun off snow, check out the 9,000 square-foot ice skating rink in the Village, go tubing at the Adventure Park, or rent a mountain bike to coast down scenic single-track.

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