Step-by-Step Office Moving Checklist

Offices change their locations all the time. Sometimes it is a strategic move to connect with the clients and sometimes the current location can no longer host the company. Don’t worry though, because you can easily find another opportune place to restart the business activities. 

However, there’s a certain way to move out because even when you are moving out the business activities must continue as routine. That’s why the highfive list recommends doing it during the summer holidays when the business activities are relatively slower as compared to other parts of the year. 

Preparing an office moving checklist can help you move out smoothly. Below you can find the steps that one must follow to do it perfectly.

  • Planning

If you think you can just take away all of your stuff and settle down in a new place, then it’s probably not a realistic way of thinking. Because doing it effectively without a proper plan is simply impossible. 

A business carries out a lot of activities daily that shouldn’t be affected when you are moving out. You should start planning ahead of time, about five to six months in advance would be good enough to prepare. In the meantime, you can close the current building contracts and lay out the moving model.    

  • Inform all stakeholders

Moving out isn’t a simple process because each one of your stakeholders is connected with your present location. The best way to move an office to another location is first to create a temporary office in the new location and give the new address to everyone. 

In the five or six month’s everyone would know that you are moving to a new place and would start communicating to that office. It is highly recommended to use the same telephone numbers otherwise it can cause a lot of confusion. In addition, create a complaint center that deals specifically with communication problems.  

  • Prepare to move out

When the first phase is set now it is time to prepare for moving out. First of all, take advantage of the weekends and start moving out slowly. Pick a department that is not directly involved in core activities. For example, industries usually move out of the offices before manufacturing. 

Similarly, ignore the operations and move out of other departments initially. This way you’d set up the administration block before moving out completely. Their routine would become normal and at that time moving core business would not be that challenging. Use various kinds of packing stuff to move out safely. You can also take the advice of a professional mover. 

  • Reliable office moving company

If you have to move a few computers, then you can use a personal vehicle. However, if you have to move everything in the office, then you must hire a professional office mover. There’s a lot of stuff in the office that can suffer damage if you don’t handle it properly. 

The mover companies have a well-trained crew that works in teams to efficiently move the stuff without breaking it. All you need is to find a mover that you can trust. Since professionals have done it several times, you can plan moving activities with them. This way your plan will become even more efficient.

  • Getting rid of junk

Every business accumulates junk and most of the junk is basically the old tech and furniture. Well, carrying all the junk with you isn’t a smart thing because it would cost a lot. Why not get rid of the junk and earn some cash in return? 

If nothing else, this cash would be enough to cover up the moving cost at least. You can hire a local junk removal company for effective and timely removal. Because if you rented the previous working place, they would still have to pay rent for it. Make sure you hire the right junk removal company because discarding company data carelessly isn’t a smart move.   

  • Settling down

If you organize the moving activities efficiently, then settling down wouldn’t be a problem. You may require additional technical assistance because setting up a network is a bit challenging task and requires a great deal of focus. However, the initial communication setup would have taken care of most of the challenges. 

All you have to do is to arrange the offices and start working. You may run into some complex scenarios initially, but there’s nothing that good teamwork can’t deal with. If you are unsure of the choices you are making, then professional support can be hired as well.  


Moving out isn’t a simple task and it requires a great deal of planning for each and every step given above. The experts suggest dividing the most experienced staff into two teams and moving one team to the new location. This way the old facility will keep performing with full efficiency and the other would be ready in due time.

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