The Benefits Of Hiring Mewps


Mobile elevated working platforms, or MEWPs are powered access machines. They are used extensively within a wide range of sectors, most prominently in both construction and warehouse/production. There are two main types of MEWPs that you may be aware of: boom and vertical. If you are looking at different plant leasing options for your specific needs and think you require access to MEWPs hire, we’ll give you some advice and tips.

Boom lifts, cherry pickers, and order pickers are classified as MEWPs. There are different types of MEWPs and group classifications. If you are unsure as to what you require, speak to your plant hire company contact and they will happily offer expert advice and guidance as to the best choice for you. 

What are the benefits of MEWPs though? 

Working at height or in restricted areas, a piece of powered access equipment that lifts you to the height you need is always a good way to make things as effective and safe as possible. Why should you hire MEWPs?

Lower your costs – as with any type of plant hire, plant purchasing can cost an awful lot of money. To avoid this, and to ensure cashflow remains in a healthy position you should consider hiring MEWPs. This will significantly reduce your upfront costs and help you utilise the correct machinery at the time you need it. A purchased MEWP might spend time depreciating in value whilst it isn’t even in use.

Reliability – ensuring you have access to the correct type of MEWP for your needs is easier to achieve when you are using the extensive fleet of a nationwide plant hire company. For short-term projects and seasonal needs, hiring MEWPs is the perfect solution to give you what you need when you need it and to never be short of answers.

Flexibility – powered access equipment is used in a wide variety of industries and applications, from personnel lifts to scissor lifts and everything in between. If you are unsure of what you have access to, your plant hire company experts will have the advice on the specific MEWPs that are perfect for your needs, offering great flexibility and choice.

Train, repair, replace – plant hire experts also give you access to the latest technology, which means greater efficiency, better safety standards, and better specific training for individual MEWPs. If anything goes wrong, you’ll have access to fast repairs and replacement equipment, minimising disruption on site.

No matter what type of MEWPs you think will benefit your workplace best, it is always good practice to complete some research and look at a few different plant hire companies in the UK that can help you out. The best plant leasing contracts include expert advice and guidance on all aspects of a contract. They include a wide variety of options from the plant hire fleet, specific advice on equipment and models that suit each specific need and budget, and offer training, great delivery processes, and health and safety comes as paramount. Choose a plant leasing company that can furnish you with the MEWPs you need and make sure you experience the benefits.

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