What You Need To Know About Artificial Grass



Synthetic grass is made from petroleum-based plastic that was first invented around the 1960s. When it was developed, the Houston Astrodome was the first to install artificial turf. Today, artificial grass is a prominent alternative to natural grass that is very easy to maintain. It remains a pristine appearance even with little care, and it does not require tedious gardening work like mowing and weeding. 


When looking for artificial grass near me in search engines, it is crucial to know several types available in the market. One type of artificial grass is nylon artificial grass that is considered the most durable and most expensive option. Another type is polyethylene grass which is a good mid-range option to consider. Lastly, polypropylene artificial grass is the least expensive and least durable option as it cannot stand up to high traffic.


Artificial grass also has various advantages and setbacks, which are crucial points to consider when buying one for your lawn. Some of the different benefits of fake grass Melbourne include its ease and need for low maintenance, a close resemblance to natural grass, and longevity as high-quality grass can last for over 20 years. Its cons include its abrasiveness as it is not as soft as real, natural grass and how tough it is to recycle despite its low water consumption.


However, installing artificial grass can be a substantial long-term investment for your home despite the cons. It is crucial to make a suitable choice based on your needs and preferences. Some things you need to consider when buying synthetic grass include its quality, pile height, density and its weight. 


If you carefully consider various factors before making a final decision, opting for artificial grass can help simplify your life and have a good-looking turf for your lawn in the long run. 


Here is an infographic from Easy Turf to learn more about high-quality artificial grass.

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