Benefits Of A New Commercial Roof For Your Business

Construction of a commercial roof at a commercial property is one of the most significant capital expenses that the industry can incur. Commercial roofing is the roof over a commercial building. It consists of many other materials, but the main components are metal roofing, the shingles that make the roof’s surface, and the tar paper that protects all interiors. Other materials used in the construction of a West Virginia roofing include insulation, tiles, and flashing. However, the commercial roofer is responsible for everything from installing the roof to cleaning it and refitting it to be durable and functional.

In the United States, commercial roofing refers to office buildings’ roofs and warehouses, retail shops, and even factories. Commercial properties tend to be made up of several different types of materials – clay tiles, gravel roofs, clay slab roofs, and asphalt – and these are often combined. The gravel roofs are the cheapest to install and the most sustainable, although it is imperative to pay attention to drainage issues. For example, clay-slate roofs may leak because of their construction. Also, since gravel roofs are relatively weak in the winter, they need to be supported by poles, and this causes many problems during the winter months when they can easily collapse. However, they are very cost-efficient during the summer months when they are less susceptible to leaks.

Commercial roofing systems usually consist of metal roofing and then shingles, and finally tile roofing. However, some smaller commercial properties have cement block roofs instead. To keep these roofs from leaking and thus damaging the interior, they usually contain polyurethane coatings, liners, and flashings. To protect these surfaces from water damage, they must be designed and installed correctly.

Learn more about other benefits that business can have for availing a commercial roof by reading the infographic below by Fahey Roofing + Contracting:


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