Things To Know About Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments


The lakeshore club apartments are indeed an idyllic home for people who dream of lake living. It means residents can get a chance to live by one of the largest lakes in Oakland County, Michigan. The location offers stress–free living because they can easily access US 24, and Detroit is just 35 minutes away. The Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments are blessed with many places including excellent eateries, beautiful gardens, and sailing activities. The area is not only bustling but also a vibrant place where one can enjoy life.

Reasons To Move To Cass Lake

The locality has excellent bakeries like Ellen’s bakery and café at 2495 Orchard Lake Road, where one can enjoy the top quality breakfast. One can enjoy vegan and pure vegetarian breakfast at these places. There are plenty of family restaurants out there where one can enjoy top-quality pizzas and pasta.  Besides restaurants, there are several parks here, including Marshbank Park, where one can enjoy and explore volleyball courts and soccer fields. One of the major attractions of Cass Lake is the beautiful lake views, so one should rent an apartment here without any second thought. Residents can get amazing views of Cass Lake and open green spaces while they stay here.

The Cass Lake Shore apartments are nestled in the prime location of Cass Lake. The boat docks are available for rent as the apartments are located on the Cass Lake lakefront. Residents can burn calories in the gym arena and, after a long day, relax in the swimming pool. The friendly staffs are here to take care of all your needs. There are laundry facilities available here which make your stay comfortable without a doubt.

Essential Features Of Cass Lake Shore Club Apartments

·        Outdoor Space

While the community is nestled in the public access to Cass Lake’s beach area, where the residents can start their days with the stunning views of the lakes. All the apartments here feature at least one balcony.

·        Kitchens

The kitchens in the apartment are quite big enough to align with one’s needs. The modern kitchens feature granite countertops and tile vinyl flooring. The residents can also find some domestic appliances like ovens and cooktops.

The best part about renting at Cass Lakeshore club apartments is that these rental apartments are cost-effective, and they wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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