Common Myths About Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Myths by definition are misleading facts and can pull you away from getting what you desire. They can confuse you and make it harder for you to decide on which cabinet to get, where to get it, and more.  It is crucial to research and eradicate the myths lest they restrict you. Out of all the rooms in a house; kitchen is the most misunderstood when it comes to design. There are several myths that revolve around kitchen cabinets and their installation. 

Here we have attempted to bust 3 common myths, which will help you envision a space that will be both beautiful and functional.

1] You need a hired expert

The most common myth that runs in the society when it comes to cabinet installation is -you need to hire an expert. Interior designers charge exorbitantly and if you want to save on expenses and not hire one; it is completely your decision. There is no hard and fast rule that only if you get an expert, will your kitchen be designed well. Is it possible to get a perfect kitchen without an expert? It most certainly is! You can always trust the creative within you and go for what you feel is right. Alternatively; if you have chosen a good company, enquire if they have free consultation. Most suppliers of high-quality cabinets like Kitchen Wholesalers cabinets offer free consultation that impeccably fits your needs! 

2] Custom cabinets are essentially better

People are so blinded by the fact “custom cabinets fill any tiny or unusually shaped space in your kitchen”; that they fail to notice their drawbacks and how stock cabinets have progressed over the years. Today, the market is brimming with different styles, finishes, and sizes of stock cabinets which suit the current trends. Custom cabinets can take months to be finished and delivered. Stock cabinets, however, can be delivered in a short span of time, making them equally desirable. 

3] Replacement is more expensive than refacing

Just because something looks exorbitant does not mean it is. It’s a common opinion that refacing can be more affordable than replacement but everyone fails to notice that it is only a momentary repair. Replacement though mildly expensive is a long-term investment and the eventual solution for reframes too. 

There are innumerable other myths that run in the market and it’s high time we get over them. It’s time we completely ignore the myths and make them powerless to influence our dream kitchen project.

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