Amongst the most typical means to cool down a residence is with an air conditioning system. The system includes an exterior condenser unit that rests outdoors your residence and gets rid of warmth along with an evaporator coil, which usually sits above your heater as well as cools down the air within your residence. Finally, your air handle or furnace deal with your AC using the fan to blow the cooled air with your house’s duct. 

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A central air conditioner works by utilizing your air handler or furnace fan to attract warm air via your home’s ductwork. As the air is blown across the evaporator coil, which normally rests above your heater, heat is eliminated from the air, cooling it down. The warm air is then soaked up into a cooling agent running through the coil. This cooling agent is that pumped to the condenser, which is the part of your AC system that is beyond your residence. The condenser removes this heat right on the outdoor, cooling the refrigerant, and then it returns inside the home, for beginning the procedure once more.


  • As the temperature level in your home rises beyond what you set on your thermostat, a signal is instantly sent out from your thermostat to the circuit card in your furnace
  • This informs the system that cold air is required as well as activates both the blower motor inside your residence and the condenser, which rests outside your home.
  • Cozy air is then drawn right into your ductwork as well as cooled down as it passes over the evaporator coil over your heating system
  • This cooled air is then gone back to the house via the return air vents
  • Contrarily, the refrigerant in your AC system absorbs the warmth from the air since it streams via the evaporator coil
  • The heated refrigerant is after that pumped into the outside or condenser of your AC.
  • The condenser is going to blow outdoor air across various collections of coils, which eliminates the warmth from your house that was soaked up by the cooling agent, prior to the cooling agent is sent back into the home.
  • This procedure proceeds up until the wanted set temperature is met.

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