How To Clean A Carpet? Tutorial And Tips

Important allies to bring warmth and conviviality, rugs are decorative elements in their own right that can be found in all house rooms! To keep them as long as possible and ensure good hygiene, they must be maintained and cleaned regularly. To do this, each type of carpet has its type of cleaning! Find out how to properly clean a carpet according to its material.

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How Do You Clean A Polyester Rug?

Do you have a synthetic fiber rug? To clean a viscose rug, a polypropylene rug, or a polyester rug, the easiest way is to use soapy water.

Vacuum your carpet

Mix a liter of water with a glass of washing-up liquid and half a glass of ammonia.

Take a soft brush soaked in the mixture and scrub gently.

Rinse with a clean damp cloth

Let your carpet dry.

Please note if you have a polypropylene or polyester carpet, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer. Prefer a clean, dry cloth that you can dab on it. You can also clean a synthetic carpet with Marseille or black soap if you enjoy natural and ecological products. Otherwise, you also have the option of the steam cleaner, which allows you to clean synthetic carpets in depth!

How Do You Clean A Cotton Rug?

All rug cleaning must start with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, hair, and crumbs. Once vacuumed, you can clean a cotton rug directly in the washing machine, preferably washing at 30° (or a cold program) and avoiding too powerful a spin so as not to damage it. If your cotton rug is too big to put in the washing machine, immerse it in a large basin or a bathtub and soak it in soapy water. You can use dishwashing liquid, Marseille, or black soap and add a few drops of white vinegar to remove stubborn stains. Rinse with clean water and air dry or dry with a hair dryer (preferably cold air).

How To Clean A Wool Rug?

Unlike synthetic and cotton rugs, wool rugs must be cleaned carefully to avoid damage by rug cleaning Chelmsford for example. Start by vacuuming (without using the brushing mode to avoid pulling out the hairs) or use nylon pantyhose to remove the residue. This should be done as often as possible to maintain your wool rug properly. If you want to clean a stain, remove it with a damp cloth by applying a little Marseille or black soap directly. Rinse gently (wool rugs can’t be washed with plenty of water) and let dry.

For a more delicate cleaning, we recommend you clean it dry using Sommers earth, a natural clay renowned for its stain-removing and degreasing action. Sprinkle the stain with this powder, let it act for a few hours (ideally overnight), vacuum, and you’re done!

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