Meaning of spiritual candles – what they represent, how to use them


Candles are symbols of lighting and transformation. The fire that lights up in them represents the spiritual world and a channel of communication with the Divine Source, gods, angels and celestial beings. The act of lighting candles is a way of sending our intention to the higher plane. The lit candle symbolizes soul light and spiritual life. Devotees, mystics, religious and spiritualists use the candle as a form of consecration and connection with the Light of Divine Love. According to the intention and devotion, one can choose a certain type of spiritual candle from nu-botanics, taking into account size, color of paraffin, quantity and shape.

Candle Oracle

Carromancy is a form of oracle, by which the person interprets the “answer” coming from the spiritual world, through the “reading” of the flame and wax of the candle. The candle symbolizes the human being: body (candle), conscience (wick) and spirit (flame).

The meanings of candle flames

Through reading the candle, one can interpret the guidance and response of the Guardian Angel or the Divine, to the request or prayer made by the person who lit the candle. 

  • Blue flame: is a positive sign of spiritual strength
  • Yellow flame: are moments of joy and happiness in sight.
  • Spiral flame: warning not to expose dreams
  • Flame that wavers: changes and transformations will occur,
  • Bright wick tip: is beneficial sign of good events and successful achievements.
  • Red Flame: is favorable period for the request you made
  • Weak Flame: indicates that the faith needs to be stronger
  • Low call: there will be a delay
  • Bending candle: need for more balance
  • Candle that takes time to light or does not light represent a lot of negativity
  • Flame that wavers: the request will happen with some changes.
  • Flame that raises and lowers: meaning dispersion

Candle meanings regarding its shape

The shape of the candle will correspond to the purpose of the mystical action, be it prayer, celebration, act of gratitude or request for the Divine or its Representatives. The shape of the candle can be associated with certain purposes, intention and devotion –

  • Triangular: balance
  • Star: spirituality
  • Pyramid: achievement
  • Cylindrical:  Connection. It is the conventional sail shape.
  • Angels: Guardian Angel
  • Animals: Protective animal (Shamanism)
  • Moon: Sensitivity / Emotion
  • Gnome: Earth Elemental
  • Cone: Ascension
  • Square: Union of the four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air / Stability

Candle Color Meanings

The color of the candle, as well as the shape, can reinforce the intention to light it, associating the color with the purposes of prayer and requesting the Divine.

  • Yellow – It is the color of mental energy
  • Blue – It is the color of serenity, connection with the celestial
  • Orange – It is the color of optimism, intelligence, and a sense of humor
  • Green – Is nature, hope, healing and health.
  • Red – Is energy, vigor and action.
  • Violet – Is spirituality and connection with the higher dimensions.
  • Black – Mystery, this color is associated with the occult
  • White – Symbolizes peace, purity, innocence and enlightenment.

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