How to choose your perfect outdoor lighting

How to choose your perfect outdoor lighting

The illumination we choose for the exterior of our homes has a much more relevant role than thought till recently. Not only does it provide safety and security, but it has a role in the beautification of the architectural and landscape features of our property, as well as creating friendly and welcoming environments.

There are some simple rules to follow in order to make the best decisions when it comes to outdoor lighting. We have laid the basics in hopes of helping with the process of lighting your exterior areas.

Five basic types of outdoor lighting

Nowadays we have a wide variety of lighting options that take us beyond mere functionality. Decorative lamps, options with LED, and string are now not only beautiful but also practical. With outdoor lighting, there is truly a combination of style and function.

The basic types of exterior lights are the following:

  • Wall
  • Security
  • Decorative
  • Landscape
  • Portable

Wall lights

Wall lights are without a doubt the most popular ones when it comes to creating a modern effect on the outside. They can adapt to almost any kind of house style, creating a variety of effects, from a relaxing ambiance to a simpler functional light to see the number on the house.

Another reason for the popularity of wall lights is the fact that they are easy to install. All you need is a wall with wiring, which makes the whole process a much simpler adventure from the electrical point of view.

These wall lights are usually quite resistant to the elements since they are exposed to UV light, humidity, and weather patterns.

Wall lights are used for a variety of purposes. In all cases, they do a great job of improving the outdoor lighting of the house, whatever the features and specifics.

Security lights

Security lights are also very important when it comes to exterior lighting. Some outside areas need to be lightened properly, especially paths, stairs, garage, and deck. The goal here is to be able to use these areas safely even in the dark.

Again, in the case of security lights, there are many options and they can also be combined with other types of lighting.

Depending on how strong your commitment to a type of lighting is, there are many options with solar energy or LED that provide more portable and flexible options for security lighting. This is true for the lights that would go on the walking path or the stairs towards your front door. The same can be applied to recessed outdoor lights, which can be a great option for large patios or yards, creating interesting light effects and providing some light to the otherwise dark end of your lawn.

Decorative lights

What can we say about decorative lights that you don’t imagine already?

There are many options when it comes to pendants, strings, and lamps to decorate our outdoor area. But here is where it gets interesting. Nowadays, it’s not just about decorating a space, but mixing functionality and safety, and creating a specific mood or ambiance.

In fact, today more than ever, we have a wide selection of lights that can be called decorative but are much more than that. Truly, they look amazing and very particular. After all, the exterior lights are as important as the interior lights.

Landscape lights

When we talk about landscape lighting we refer to the lights dedicated mostly to details on the lawn or architectural or landscaping aspects that need to be highlighted.

There are many ways to do this, mostly we are looking for a dimmer light placed exactly in the right spot to create an effect where the light brings out the best of the item we are showing. Think of a layered garden, a fountain, a statue, maybe a very old tree, whatever the landscaping options, there is lighting that can bring it to life.

Portable lights

Portable options have become more and more popular in recent times. Ideal for those that may not have access to more permanent solutions, most portable lights are rechargeable, light to carry, and design to endure the weather conditions. But that is not all! Wireless portable lights may come with the option of changing colours, playing music, or even floating on the pool. It’s, therefore, no surprise they are so popular.


While we have separated these 5 types of outdoor lighting, this is an arbitrary division only to understand better what we are talking about. In reality, all these types overlap and go together. Wall lights can be used for decoration, portable lights can do almost anything, and even decorative lights can have the function of security.

It’s this combination of function and beauty that makes outdoor lighting such an interesting area to explore and experiment with.

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