Our 15 Picks for Top Interior Designers in Singapore [Updated 2022]


When you have finally decided to purchase a new accommodation, improve your office’s interior design or renovate an existing building, you may be thinking about the interior planning and design. Visualising and managing the overall interior project comes with plenty of challenges, especially for those with little to no experience in this aspect.

For those looking to make the most out of their available space, having the help of a reliable interior designer in Singapore would be most beneficial instead of spending a multitude of hours researching everything and handling the whole interior project by yourself. They will be able to help handle any requirements and customisation preferences that you might have.

Doing everything yourself means incurring a lot of risks, and there is no promise that the outcome would be what you expect it to be. (Not to mention the stress involved in handling things along the way, especially when faced with obstacles).

Firstly, the interior design process consists of many steps, and one of the most important ones is getting to know more about the client. No aspect can be left unchecked if you want to achieve your dream home, from the planning of the space down to the selection of materials and furniture.

Through a few meetings with your designer, the style, colour palette and aesthetic goals for the renovation project are discussed together with the anticipated use and function in mind.

Working with a recommended interior designer ensures that your renovation process is well thought out from the start, guiding you through every step of the way to achieving your dream home.

What makes an Interior Designer stand out?

While many may claim that they are reputable and award-winning, having some guidelines to refer to may help you ease your search and find out what truly matters in your renovation journey. Consider the following tips before shortlisting your renovation partner in Singapore:

A well-established designer usually is accredited and certified by CaseTrust and RCMA (Singapore Renovation Contractors & Material Suppliers Association). Having these accreditations mean that the company has good business standards, practices, ethics and work processes.

If your home is a HDB or BTO flat, it would be wise to have a trusted interior designer that is registered with HDB as well. Having an HDB-approved renovation partner makes things easier as they would be clear on what can or cannot be done in a HDB setting, which allows for them to submit a more efficient and effective design proposal and give you better recommendations in your renovation.

Pay attention to designers that keep their contact lines open even after the renovation has been completed. The hallmark of a responsible interior design firm is good after-sales care. The interior design company in Singapore should be committed to the customer and deliver on every aspect of the project, being accountable even after the project has been completed in case anything goes wrong after the renovation.

We have rounded up, and here is our pick for the best interior designers in Singapore in 2022 that can help meet your preferences and needs perfectly, and make sure that your new home is functioning well and look beautiful at the same time. Take a look at our roundup below:

#1: Swiss Interior

Having been in the business for over 12 years and helping over 500 homeowners translate that dream into reality, Swiss Interior is a well-established interior design company with an extensive portfolio. Their years of networking and connections in the interior design industry allow them to offer a comprehensive range of services at reasonable rates.

Specialising in modern interior designs that can outlast trends of today for years to come, their crew of professionals has the design skill and experience to offer stunning and customizable designs that can be done for your home. Their professionals will collaborate with you to achieve your desired home design and ideal layout, explaining every detail before carrying out the work.

Should you be looking out for a professionally designed, aesthetically pleasing home and a fuss-free, smooth experience, you can check out their renovation packages that are offered at very competitive rates.


HDB Interior Design, Condo Interior Design, Project Management, Living Room Design, Design Materials, Design Proposal, 3D Perspective Drawing, Kitchen Cabinet, Design Consultation and Space Planning, Lighting Design, Colour Consultation, Bathroom Design, Modular Kitchen and Accessories

📍Blk 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-214, Singapore 150126 (West Showroom)
📞 +65 6352 0700

📍 483 Sims Avenue, Singapore 387555 (East Showroom)
📞 +65 6747 4742

📩 admin@swissinterior.com.sg

#2: Icon Interior Design

Icon Interior Design Pte Ltd is a well-established interior design firm located in 441 Macpherson Road that caters to commercial and residential clients in Singapore. From space planning and design consultation to project management and construction, their interior professionals make it easy for customers that are sourcing for specialised designs and furnishings.

They run a 4000sqft factory in SungeiKadut that custom manufactures furniture and fittings uniquely. They have an extensive range of design and renovation services that provide holistic creative solutions for their customers, helping to manage their renovations from start to end.


Space Planning, Design to Build, Residential, Commercial, Retail Spaces Interior/Exterior Designs, Reconstruction of Landed Homes, Design Consultation and Conceptualization, Colour and Material Proposal and Construction Works, 3D Perspective Drawings

#3: Voilà Interior Design

From conceptualisation to execution, knowing every detail of the customer’s preferences and identity is important for the team at Voilà. Applying this privileged knowledge and understanding, the professionals at Voilà are able to seamlessly integrate all of their processes and manpower to ensure that they hand over your house to you based on the agreed timeline, with the best quality to match.

They combine form and function together that transforms your interior space, regardless of whether it is a home, office or retail store, into a space that is only unique to you. The result is always a pleasant reveal to the client, which is captured in the whimsical French expression, “Voilà!”.


Personality-based, Preference-inspired design

#4: Fuse Concept

Conceptualized and established for more than a decade, Fuse Concept Pte Ltd is an interior design firm that has been making homes beautiful since 2001. Guided by its key philosophy “Simplicity is Quality”, Fuse Concept aspires to turn spaces into ones that are filled with personality and individuality.

Having said that, the designs of the works done by their team of professional interior designers are anything but simple. After taking a look at their portfolio, you will surely be impressed by the array of exquisite and stunning designs that they have done over the years.

Providing quality consultations and turnkey project management to residential and commercial design, the team at Fuse Concept believes that the needs and expectations of the client are the most important. Their concepts pave the way in which dream homes can be created with maximum functionality with the minimum number of resources.


Design Consultation and Space Planning, HDB, Condo, Commercial, Retail Spaces Interior/Exterior Designs

#5: LemonFridge Studio

LemonFridge Studio is a team of energetic and dedicated designers that believes that great design is more than good aesthetics, that form and function should be one and working in tandem.

With “Design is not for philosophy, it’s for life” being their ethos, they specialise in interior and spatial design projects that integrates functionality and aesthetics, the best of both worlds together. Their designers are professionally trained and experienced in many styles, whether it is a retail or residential project. Starting from the consultation and project planning phases to the delivery of design and aftercare, you are ensured of the best quality in their interior design and renovation services. Putting their client’s ideals and needs at the forefront, their designs aim to be ergonomically sound and sophisticated enough to bring their client’s concepts into reality.


HDB, Commercial, Condo, Design Consultation and Space Planning

#6: House of Chais

House of Chais is founded by a husband and wife. They provide renovation services, and you have many designs to choose from, such as modern farmhouse and boho chic. You do not have to worry about the renovation of your house. They will be able to manage help from the design and plan to the execution of the renovation.


Design Consultation and Space Planning, HDB, Commercial, Condo

#7: The Alchemists Design

The Alchemists Design specialises in interior design and Is a Golden Design Award winner from 2016 to 2017 under the Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category. Everyone loves the functionality and aesthetics of the spaces in houses. They will be able to select the suitable colours, features, and patterns that bring out the best of the layout of your room.


Design Consultation, and Space Planning, HDB, Commercial, Condo, Retail Spaces Interior/Exterior Designs

#8: EightyTwo

EightyTwo is known for creating high-end understated luxury interiors for residential and commercial projects locally and globally. They provide consultation services regarding interior design. Additionally, they will guide you closely throughout every step of the renovation process. Engage with them to build your dream house.


Design Consultation, and Space Planning, HDB, Commercial, Condo, Design to Build

#9: Three-dConceptwerke

Three-D Conceptwerke is a home-bound studio specialising mainly in interior designing, styling, and craftmanship. They have established themselves to continue building a committed group of designers who keep pushing the design limits. Their projects are fresh and unique to the eyes so you will not get bored.


Design Consultation, and Space Planning, HDB, Commercial, Condo, Retail Spaces Interior/Exterior Designs

#10: Space Sense Studio

Space Sense Studio is a relatively well-known interior design company in Singapore. They use many holistic design solutions to learn more about the layout of your home spaces. They will bring your ideas and preferences to life, and you will look forward to coming home every day.


Design Consultation, and Space Planning, HDB, Commercial, Condo, Retail Spaces Interior/Exterior Designs

#11: The Scientist

The Scientist is an interior design company with a passion and continuous desire to develop creative designs for houses in Singapore. The interior design team was able to bring the concept of minimalist design to higher levels by adding colours to complement every mood and space. You can rest assured when you hand over the renovation and design of your house to them!


Design Consultation, and Space Planning, HDB, Commercial, Condo, Retail Spaces Interior/Exterior Designs

#12: Halcyon Design

Halcyon Design is an interior design firm that provides personalised renovation services, from planning to the end product. They have more than 18 years of experience in interior design. The interior design team works collectively with architects and contractors. Their primary design concept would be the combination of style and functionality. You can have living spaces that will showcase your personality and character.

#13: Waff

Waff is an interior design consultancy firm in Singapore that strongly believes that research is a vital design tool that enhances and creates every renovation project. They strive to base their projects on dynamic research and interaction with experiences, details, and materials to develop effective ways to ensure a holistic, functional, and consistent environment.

#14: The Minimalist Society

The Minimalist Society strongly believes that a minimalist design is critical when maximizing your living spaces. Through the adoption of a holistic design approach, the end product would be a good reflection of your personality and the lifestyle you would enjoy. Their designs focus on combining the functionality and aesthetics of the house.

#15: Asolidplan

Asolidplan focuses on designs that push the boundaries of interior design with no compromisation of how durable, functional, or honest their projects are. They are determined to bring out every living space.

Final Thoughts

The world of renovation is a vast one. If you end up with any of these top interior designers (in our humble opinion) on our list, you are pretty much set. With their vast experience in the industry, these firms are among the best interior designers in Singapore that are more than capable to turn your dream home into reality and handling your every detail and need.

Kindly note that all this information is accurate at the time of posting. The actual service that you will receive during your renovation is also dependent on the experience level of the designer that is assigned to you, and this is especially so for the bigger firms.

We hope that this guide is beneficial to you and supplements your research in making an informed decision, helping you shortlist your ideal renovation partner for your desired dream home.

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