Safe Ship Moving Services Provides a General Moving Checklist

Planning each and every detail of a move weeks ahead of schedule is immensely important. Numerous tasks have to be accomplished before the moving day, and hence things may get a bit hectic. While assistance from companies like Safe Ship Moving Services can definitely help, one should also create a robust checklist to use as a reference and stay on track. The earlier one gets started with the move, the less stressful shall the moving process be.

Safe Ship Moving Services lists a few tasks one has to accomplish when planning a move

Creating a moving checklist is a practical and organized approach to ensure a smoother and more efficient moving process. It helps people to stay organized by outlining all the tasks that need to be accomplished before the move, preventing tasks from being overlooked.  A moving checklist typically includes tasks like:

  • Discuss the move with kids: Including the kids in the conversation early would help put them at ease during the transition. Special care should be taken in explaining the move to young children.
  • Give notice to the landlord: If one currently stays in a rented house, they must give their landlord a heads-up about the move. Certain leases require the tenants to provide landlords with at least sixty days notice prior to moving out.
  • Research moving services: After the moving date has been finalized, one has to decide whether to follow a DIY approach or hire a professional mover. Hiring professionals would be a good way to make the moving process smoother. One can also avail the assistance of companies like Safe Ship Moving Services which are staffed with advisors who can help in coordinating a move.
  • Order all moving supplies: If one is packing an entire household, they must make a point to order all necessary moving supplies beforehand. Items like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper and more would be needed to make sure that the belongings arrive safely at the new home.
  • Start using up refrigerated food and pantry items: Unless one is planning to bring food to the new home with them, it is better to use up the contents of the pantry and fridge prior to the move. One may even donate non-perishable items to the local food bank.
  • Strategize the packing process: Prior to boxing up the things, it is better to figure out a timeline for the packing process. All the non-essential items should be packed first, including electronics, home décor items and books. Things one would need in the days leading up to the move like clothing, toiletries and dinnerware should be kept for the last.
  • Host a garage sale: Move would be a good item to sell off old books, clothes, futons, records and more.

In addition to doing the tasks listed above, one should also call all utility service providers to let them know about the move. Utilities would include cable and internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, satellite, trash and phone.

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