Which is the Best Wood for Fencing?

When you are looking to pick wood for your fence, its quality matters a lot. The right wood can help you make the most out of your outdoor space while also making it aesthetically appealing. 

So, to help you settle with the style you like, here are some ideas about the best woods that you can pick. The benefits of using each of the types are also discussed in the blog. 

Close board fencing 

Homeowners find it to be a very lucrative option because of the versatility it has to offer. This option is also very strong and has an appearance which can stand the test of time. They are mostly used in the back garden areas and it is a great option for medium budgets. These fences stand at 1.8m when you combine them with the gravel boards. Along with privacy and security, these are ideal for pet owners too. 

Slatted fencing

If you want a sleek appearance, then these are the options you need to explore. You can also enjoy contemporary looks with this option. Mostly, the slatted fencing helps you in serving as a boundary fence or as a stylish garden partition. You can also segregate your garden areas with the help of these. There are gaps within the slats which help the air to pass smoothly and not much resistance or endurance is witnessed. 

Hit and miss fencing

This is a very distinctive yet attractive style of temporary fencing rental Santa Teresa NM. Here, the horizontal boards are fixed to create the fence. They are attached onto the front and back of the panels. If you have a medium budget range, you can go ahead with this. It will offer you both privacy as well as aesthetic views. The horizontally overlapping boards make it sure that it has maximum durability and lesser wear and tear. It is also very easy to adjust the height and level of your privacy with this fencing option. The best part about it is that one enjoys double-sided fencing. Hence, your neighbors can also get the benefits of this stylish fence installation like you do.

With all the best fencing options listed above, it is time to make a choice and start fencing. In this regard, Spec Wood can be your go-to option as it offers a wide range of fencing wood to meets your specific needs. With just a little maintenance, you can alter the look of your garden now. 

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