Why Is It Important to Have a Fire-Rated Door?

As technology has been advancing, many such things are coming up that can provide more security to our buildings. One of these innovations we are going to talk about here is the fire-rated doors. As we all know that wood, plastic, or any other light materials cannot withstand the high temperature of the fire in case of emergency. In such a situation, a fire-rated door is the best option to protect the entire building.

Fire-rated doors are made of materials like timber, glass, metal, gypsum, vermiculite boards, and steel. They are strong enough to stop or lower the pace of the spread of fire, smoke, or fumes from one part of the building to the other parts, thereby allowing more time for people to exit the premises. If you got any such requirement of fire-rated doors then you contact SG doors .net. They sell doors that are HBD qualified and are having HBD licenses. You can contact them online to get more details.


The main usage for these doors is that they can resist the fire from spreading. This helps to protect the property as well as the people around. These doors also have the mechanism of opening and closing automatically. This is a key component for protection. They have heat-resistant power and allow people to faster exit in case of emergency. Many of the doors have this fire-resistance hourly rating like the 1/h hour, 1 hour, ¾ hour, 1/3 hour, up to 3 hours too. These are the building codes that are enforced in different countries that are mandated.

While selecting a fire-resistance door for your project, you may need to consider the following things:

  • Every frame needs to have a fire-resistance-rated glazing
  • The size of the door for opening needs to be as per your structural requirement
  • The Jamb size of the door should be as per the thickness of the wall
  • Maximum temperature rise ratings of the door should be above the ambient temperature, especially on the non-fire side of the door.

For better benefits from the door, it needs to be kept open and inspected regularly. As the door has an open and close automatic function, it should never be stopped by any obstacle.


These fire resistance doors are specifically made to help people be safe and for their quick evacuation. This can also reduce the possibility of damaging the property. As we mentioned earlier, they are fire-rated doors that can withstand the heat from the fire for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of about 90 minutes. This will give ample of time to people to move out of the premises.

The main purpose of these fire-resistant doors is that they protect the exit points. This includes the horizontal exits, staircases, and corridor exits. Just because of its fire-resistant feature, it helps to compartmentalize the area as a fire safe or evacuation area. At the time of the evacuation, you can keep people here for their safe exit. They also protect the other parts of the area from getting damaged.

In places like laboratories, these doors are very important as they can prevent the spread of hazardous gas in case of a fire breakout. They are also much insulated as compared to traditional doors, thus preventing noise transfer from one room to another. They have the feature of smoke reduction, thus preventing the spread of deadly smoke. Now available in different designs and styles, they are quite attractive to be used to.

In case of your fire protection plan for whatever premises, the fire-resistant door is a must. They are very good when it comes to protecting people’s life and the entire structure of your building including your equipment and other stuff. Most importantly choose a door that has a high rating for this fire resistance as explained above.

Installing the door

After all this, you will need to find the right professional who can install this door for you. This is because each of these doors is made of different materials, sizes, parts, and shapes, and only a professional can install it perfectly as per the specifications. This also needs to be as per the guidelines approved by the fire department, which will make the door more effective to be used.

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