Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinets Made from Wood


Wooden kitchen cabinets in Laguna Hills are a timeless choice for any home, offering warmth and durability. This has several styles, each with its unique characteristics and design. These types can help make an individual’s cooking area look stylish and inviting,from traditional to contemporary.

Shaker Style

Inspired by the Shaker religious sect, the Shaker style of this furniture is characterized by its simplistic, practical design. It features flat-panel doors and drawers with simple and clean lines. The Shaker style is typically made from maple, cherry, or oakwoods.

This is a popular cookroom cupboard kind that has more than one-thousand homeowners utilizing it. It even earned 57% votes among the others. 

Mission Style

This is a more traditional style inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement. It has a more prominent look, with straight lines often accented with slotted details. Thesecupboards are usually made from harder woods like hickory or cherry. 

This design is ideal for homeowners looking for a minimalist but exquisite kitchen cabinet. 

Transitional Style

The transitional style combines both traditional and modern elements. It is characterized by its soft, flowing lines and elegant details. They are typically made from woods like maple, cherry, or oak and can be painted or stained.

These characteristics of transitional-style kitchen cupboards are top-notch. Hence, it is endlessly popular, considering it perfectly combines old and new kitchen cabinet styles. 

Contemporary Style

It is the most modern option. This minimalist design has sleek lines, hidden hinges, and minimal hardware. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are typically made from materials like stainless steel or laminate. When selecting kitchen cabinets, it isvital to consider the style that best suits their home and lifestyle. 

These are the variants that homeowners can choose from that best fit theirtastes and décor. However,another factor they should also know is the common impairmentsthat made cabinet refacing in Brea standard maintenance. 

The mostusual one is steam damage. Continue reading the infographic below brought to you by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing:

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