Patio decking Ipswich, Suitable for big or little feet and your pet paws


Patio decking Ipswich is a common home project as deck addition.  It is the easiest if you know the rules and protocols. Ensure that you do not skip over essential factors and law codes. Ascertain the decks performance to prevent serious issues and unwanted frustration. However, before committing for one, knowing these details is helpful.

Approvals and permits


Patio decking Ipswich is mostly over 30 inches and there is a need to get a permit from the state jurisdictions. The requirement may apply even to decks that are lesser than 30 inches in case the established area limits exceed. Besides these permits, check with the building department to know about the relevant approvals and permits for the decking project.

  • The approvals may require you to submit drawings with permit application seeking authorities’ approval.
  • Clearance form property line as project approval, so ask the local building officials.

Avoid future headaches by ensuring the deck addition is an enjoyable home improvement by fulfilling the necessary permits and project approvals.


Lasting longer is impossible with wrong materials. A known fact is wood rots eventually due to moisture. The only way is to consider Patio decking Ipswich that prolongs the deck longevity and reduces repair costs in the future.  The best bet is the pressure-treated lumber. It lacks visual appeal, but substantiates it with its best features as it does no rot and is not prone to any moisture-related conditions.

Extending the service life of the deck is possible by using galvanized or steel hardware. You may check and it may also be a code requirement. Doing some research before investing in materials is helpful. Thus, you can mitigate the future replacements risk and also prevent repair costs.


Elevated structures are the Patio decking Ipswich. Thus, any fall hazard needs to be prevented. Ensure the decking has a suitable guardrail. With jurisdictions, the requirements many vary, yet:

  • Ensure it has 42 inches top rail or 34 inches above stairs treads.
  • The bottom rail should be 4 inches or just above the deck surface
  • Guard posts of 4×4 inch to support 6 feet or fewer spaces.
  • Withstand 300 pounds in all the directions.
  • Adheres to stringent requirements as per city law. Research and design bbbbbb.

Finally, having balusters installed, keeping a distance less than 4 inches eliminates the hazard of strangulation, making it suitable for big and little feet, besides pet paws.

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