Pelican Bay Homes: 5 Bathrooms Renovation Ideas That Will Raise the Value of Your Home


Spanning three square miles and located between Park Shore and Vanderbilt Beach, Pelican Bay is a vibrant community located in Naples, Florida. The town features stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico, a rich selection of homes, and many modern amenities. But even amidst all this beauty, small details like an outdated bathroom can mar your Pelican Bay experience. A renovation project, on the other hand, can improve the livability of your home and add comfort, storage, and function. If you plan on buying a home in Pelican Bay, here are five bathroom renovation ideas to elevate your lifestyle.

Upgrade Flooring and Tiles

The variety in the real estate market in Pelican Bay is often reflected in the in-house amenities, and Pelican Bay FL real estate agent Heather Hamel can attest to this. Some bathrooms have marble tiles, and others have ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl. If you don’t like your bathroom’s floor and wall tiles, you can upgrade them to a more exciting material. Consider a heat and water-resistant option that is durable, easy to clean, and slip-safe. Add some excitement by picking exciting colours and textures.

Upgrade Accessories and Fixtures

Your bathroom fixtures and accessories have a lot to say about your bathroom experience. If the fixtures are old and faulty, consider replacing them with newer models. Use the rest of the décor in your bathroom to determine what kind of accessories you want in this space. Also, consider the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, a basic round mirror can open up wall space and make it feel larger. A more elaborate framework is better in a larger bathroom.

Install a Sustainable Toilet

Homeowners today gravitate toward green homes with sustainable features. You can add value to your home by installing an energy-efficient toilet that adds a modern look to your home and saves resources. A low-flow toilet, for instance, can help you preserve water and reduce your water bill. You can also consider a toilet with a hidden tank to maximise space, among other options. 

Customise Lighting

Lighting is a crucial interior décor element that determines the mood of a space. You can use lighting in your bathroom to create the vibe you want and help increase function and comfort. Around your mirror and vanity, add task lighting and wall sconces to provide better lighting so you can see what you are doing as you get ready. Also, look into ambient lights with dimmers for the bathtub area on those days you want to take a long soak.

Add Storage

Storage makes your bathroom more functional and open, especially if it is small. Some storage solutions to consider during your remodel include hot towel rods for your towels, built-in cabinets or shelves to help you declutter your sink and vanity, and a mix of open and closed storage options.

Explore Pelican Bay Homes for Sale with Heather Hamel

From stunning panoramic views and rich architecture to outdoor facilities and modern amenities, there is a lot to love about Pelican Bay. If you are ready to move to this beautiful town, contact Heather Hamel to explore exclusive listings of homes for sale in Pelican Bay. Heather has years of experience in the Pelican Bay real estate market and is excited to help you find your new home.

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