Every room in a household can use some more light for decoration purposes. A floor lamp adds a simple yet bright and stylish touch to the room. Don’t want something flashy yet eye soothing? A floor lamp is just what you need. A class with a minimalist approach is always appreciated in home decors. And floor lamps let you do just that, add that extra element to the already pretty room. But styling one with care and proper precision will always improve the standard look of the room. There are varied types of floor lamps available in the market, but you should be cautious about your own needs rather than just going for the flashy ones. You can refer to Union Lighting floor lamps to know more about styling floor lamps.

Different ways to style a floor lamp

There are various different ways you can opt to style a floor lamp, both retro and bouge. And the fact where shall you place it? Well, here are some options: 

  • Putting a floor lamp in pair with a cabinet.
  • Setting one next to the bed.
  • Having one beside your desk
  • Set one in close distance to your window
  • Slide one just behind a couch or a sofa.

Can I place just a single floor lamp in a room?

Yes, you can definitely do that but will have to keep in mind that always try to accompany the floor lamp with some sort of furniture. It should not be placed on its own in a room. Some room decor objects demand to be placed within a paring. It can be any standard furniture of choice.

Can I add two or more floor lamps in a single room?

This truly depends upon the size of the room and the aspirations of the decor. If something goes with the style and vibe you want, go for it. But ideally, a single floor lamp will do no stature harm to your beautiful room. A floor lamp already adds a lot of weight to the room, whether it be a living, bed, or dining room.


Floor lamps are truly a beautiful add-on to your room. If placed properly with a thought of beauty, it will truly enhance the living experience of any room where it belongs. Don’t wait too long; rush out and get one.

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