A Guide to Lakeway’s Outdoor Activities & Leisure


Lakeway attracts homebuyers looking for their dream home and travelers seeking new experiences with its tranquility, stunning vistas, and many recreational activities. Lakeway, TX real estate experts Foreman Property Group can make homebuying an enriching experience, from helping you explore the dynamic real estate market to enlightening you on cultural attractions. Lakeway invites you to explore its many charms, whether interested in waterfront property or outdoor pleasures.

Lakeway, TX homes for sale

Lakeway offers different types of homes to satisfy different needs and styles.

Single-family homes

Lakeway’s most prevalent type of home comes in several sizes, designs, and prices. Single-family homes range from bungalows to estates to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Waterfront houses

These properties provide amazing views and direct access to Lake Travis. If you enjoy boats or the water, a waterfront property is ideal. However, expect a higher price.


Townhomes are like condos but offer larger living spaces and individual entrances. They’re ideal for folks who desire condo amenities without cramping.

Things to do in Lakeway, TX

Oasis Brewing

Oasis Brewing Company provides Lakeway sampling and tours Thursday through Sunday. On the third level of its majestic headquarters, guests can try low-alcohol drinks that reduce dry mouth and headaches from heavy malts. While trying, you and your friends may enjoy wonderful food and companionship while looking out over Lake Travis, which is the right door to the brewery.

Movies Under the Stars

Movies Under the Stars hosts evening outdoor movies for guests who bring food and chairs. Admission and popcorn are free at Lakeway City Park events. Features are always family-friendly, so bring kids of any age. Lay out a blanket in the middle of the viewing area for nighttime picnickers or sit on lawn chairs around the periphery.

Dinner and a Show at Moviehouse and Eatery

Moviehouse & Eatery in Lakeway has been popular since dinner and a movie is a classic date night. Couples may have burgers and pizza in one place before heading to the theater, knowing they will be able to catch the opening reel.

Shop at Learning Express Toys

Hill Country Galleria is home to Learning Express Toys, a local jewel with educational toys, live demonstrations, and fun for all ages. Visit the store with all the youngsters and let them loose. You’ll find a few fun things you can’t leave without, and the kids will be exhausted when they get home to your Lakeway vacation rental after an afternoon at a theme park.

Hike, then Jump in Lake From Lake Travis Zipline Adventures

Lake Travis Zipline Adventures is a pleasant, friendly, exhilarating, relaxing neighborhood attraction for families looking for something new. Once you check in at the counter, the captain will lead you up the hill to one of this local company’s zipline stations. It should be warm so you’ll be hot and sweaty as you climb the hill, hook into the line, and speed down to the lake, where your ride ends and your swim begins.

 Rent to sail away Outbound Sail

With Outbound Sailing, you’ll spend the day cruising Travis Lake on a gorgeous 40-foot yacht. Gently glide by bird sanctuaries, protected bays, and celebrity mansions (which Tim can point out), returning after a few hours with stories to tell your dinner guests.

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