The shower habits that can affect your plumbing system

In everyday routine, we practice shower habits that are reasons for the damage to the plumbing system. The very first thing that we do is turn off the knob but is it enough to save the system. Here are some habits that you have to leave if you don’t want unwanted trouble.

A long shower

We can’t get a spa-like treatment every time at home and for this, we opt for long, hot showers. The shower can give you relief, but cause a burden on your pocket. What you can do now? Well, keep your door, window open, or else run the fan in the bathroom. It will be better if you limit your bathroom time.

leaving behind the loofah

It seems perfectly okay to leave the loofah in the shower. It may sound innocent habit, but it is a bad thing to do. Due to the warm and moist environment in the bathroom results in mold growth. The condition can be worsened if you rub the same one on your skin.

letting the hair collected in the drain

Many things can damage the plumbing system and one is blocked pipes. The blocking is usually occurred due to hair, which gets accumulated over time. It is advisable to use a drain cover that will collect the hair.

Putting water on the floor

It is self-explanatory because leaving the water behind can lead to the formation of moisture. Hence you shouldn’t ignore cleaning the water in the kitchen or bathroom. You can opt for a shower mat, which can easily collect the moisture. The leftover water can cause damage in many ways for example warp the floor or cause destruction of gout.

Discounting the build-up of hard water

Hard water is quite irritant to the skin and hair making the conditioner and moisturizer not work properly. The hard water gets collected around the nozzles and starts blocking the showerhead. Hence, you should clean the showerhead after using it.

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