Thinking of Moving to Burlingame? Here’s What You Need to Know First


Burlingame, California, a charming town between San Francisco Bay and the Sierra foothills, offers a friendly atmosphere with vibrant shopping and dining amenities. The area offers excellent schools, historic architecture, and easy access to beaches and major highways. But there’s more to learn about Burlingame before committing to this new address. Let a Burlingame realtor uncover all you should know beforehand—good and not so good—to ensure the location aligns with your priorities:

Housing and cost of living

Like many of the San Francisco Bay Area, Burlingame’s housing and general cost of living are often higher than the national average. The limited housing stock and the area’s desirability drive real estate prices upward. Expect to pay well over $1 million for a small single-family home, with rents for a 2-bedroom apartment averaging around $3,500/month. The proximity to downtown shops and restaurants also provides a premium. While wages also tend to be higher in the tech hub of the Bay Area, the cost of living is still substantially more than in many other parts of the country.


Burlingame is well-regarded for its top-notch public schools, consistently scoring very high marks in state testing. The Burlingame School District operates five elementary schools and one intermediate school, while Burlingame High School is part of the San Mateo Union High School District. Schools with involved parents and ample resources have talented teachers, strong academics, stellar sports teams, and extensive enrichment programs. This makes Burlingame an attractive option for families looking to put down roots. However, the exceptional schools translate into higher home prices in the area.

Recreation and lifestyle

Residents of Burlingame enjoy proximity to abundant outdoor recreation, world-class dining, and entertainment options – all hallmarks of the Northern California lifestyle. Several city parks offer baseball, tennis, and picnicking opportunities, while the San Francisco Bay Area provides endless biking, hiking, and water sports options. The iconic streetscape of Burlingame Avenue features many excellent local restaurants, cafes, and unique shopping shops. A short drive away over the bridge are all of the culture and nightlife opportunities in San Francisco. The mild climate enables year-round enjoyment of various indoor/outdoor activities.


Many area residents use public transportation options to commute, including Caltrain stations and BART, which are just a short drive away. However, traffic can still be quite congested at peak times when traveling to/from San Francisco and Silicon Valley employment hubs. The proximity to major highways, including US-101, I-280, and I-380, provides multiple routes in and out of town. Burlingame residents increasingly work from home due to the numerous centrally located amenities.

Burlingame real estate

Burlingame real estate is in high demand. Median home prices currently exceed $2 million. Inventory is low while buyer competition is high, leading to homes frequently selling above the asking price. Rentals are also scarce and expensive. The high prices reflect Burlingame’s family-friendly, small-town vibe and its location in the heart of the high-priced Bay Area job market.

Moving to Burlingame

Burlingame, a great city with a pleasant climate, safe neighborhoods, abundant trees and parks, and proximity to world-class attractions, offers an ideal blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities. Burlingame is a family-friendly community with serene surroundings that make it a pleasant place to settle down despite the high cost of living.

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