Avoiding Bathroom Renovation Mistakes: Ensuring the Remodel Works Today and Tomorrow


Initiating a project for ADA accessible bathroom remodeling montgomery al can be exciting, but there are many aspects you should lose focus on. You need to ensure all the necessities for the room are considered. During the process, it is easy to make mistakes that can create unnecessary challenges. You can reduce the chances of mistakes when you plan ahead with an experienced renovation expert from Armoires En Gros. Experts know the processes well and the materials to use to ensure the longevity of your bathroom furniture and facilities. They will make sure you do not make any of the following mistakes:

Not Having a Proper Layout

The way the bathroom remodelling process goes depends on the way things are laid out. Thus, you must have an effective plan in place to help you avoid clutter and wrong spacing. Ideally, you must prioritise comfort over luxury. Thus, when you remodel the bathroom, think about the kitchen layout and spacing and how they might change in the future. 

Having Mismatched Fixtures

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, you must avoid mixing more than two kinds of metals, tiles, or woods. The last thing you want is a washroom that looks like a sample room instead of a spa-like space. Flow and elegance come from repeated use of materials, which is particularly necessary for small areas such as washrooms. 

Ignoring the Importance of a Bathroom Fan

Any bathroom needs an exhaust fan to tackle all the humidity that can get trapped inside the room. The fan is as essential as other bathroom features such as lighting, fixtures, and lighting. If your bathroom has no windows, it is especially important to install an exhaust fan. The fan helps avoid mould or mildew buildup in the area. 

Dull Lighting

Bathroom lighting is important to create a functional but soothing space. Consider installing one or two pot lights in the shower to brighten the space without causing interruptions. Meanwhile, you should have your vanity mirror lit with one or two wall sconces since it does not cast a lot of shadows on the face. 

Chasing the Trend

Bathroom renovations are a significant investment that you want to benefit from in the long term, so pick design options that last for many years. Upgrade bathroom elements every few years is quite costly. So, choose clean lines and trendy neutrals instead of chasing today’s fads that will not like tomorrow. When it comes to bathroom renovations, you must make present decisions and keep the future in mind. 

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