Why You Should have Your Newly-Constructed Home Inspected

You’ve just finished constructing your new home, and it is a gleeful moment to stand back and admire it. Everything is brand new and looks perfectly good, but how sure are you that the house is fine? While you might assume there is no need to have a home foundation inspection or any checkups because it’s newly constructed, findings after a new construction inspection might surprise you.

Usually, home inspections are conducted on homes sold in the market since they might have issues not disclosed by the owner. However, even new properties have their flaws. They’re not perfect just because they were recently built, so here are some reasons to have a home inspector examine your property.

Structural Defects

The foundation may sustain damage during construction, such as cracks, which could cause dangerous problems later on. Moreover, faulty grading and poor framing are invisible issues only a home inspector can identify.

Electrical and Plumbing Problems

Imagine wanting to take a nice warm shower one day, only to jump out shivering because the faucet’s hot and cold functions were reversed. Or notice that your house’s wall has started decaying due to water leaking caused by improper plumbing installation.

Missing switch plates, poorly wired outlets, and open grounds are common electrical problems that are hazardous and must not be ignored. They could cause fire or accidents if not repaired immediately.

Home inspectors will quickly identify electrical and plumbing issues as soon as possible and will advise you on how to deal with them.

Drainage Concerns

Improperly installed or missing drainages will redirect water to the wrong exit and cause moisture damage in the wall cavity. Windows can also leak. Any water attacking the wooden components of your home will lead to premature deterioration of your newly constructed house; a home inspector ensures you don’t have to go through any of that.

Identify Unfinished Projects

Common issues encountered by inspectors are house projects that were left unfinished. When they give you a report, you might realize that some doors and windows lack insulation, several fixtures like thermostats and switches are missing, and the handrails of your staircase were completed halfway through.

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